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Statues: Cold-CAST, resin, porceline statues, busts, figures, and figurines are available. Creative Liscense, Marvel, DC, Applause, and Randy Bowen designs are a few brands in stock. Some statues currently for sale include Mole Man, Storm, Batman, Spiderman bust, Sandman, Witchblade, Inhumans, Red Skull, Harley Quinn, Magneto, Green Goblin, DC heroes bookends, Silver Surfer, Shi, Swamp Thing, Spawn...There are many more and items constantly come and go. Orders are taken in advance on upcoming new statues.

Beanies: A small amount of Beanie Babies are kept in stock and items constantly change. Coins are availabe-the most popular sellers are silver dollars and commerative quarters. Magazines available: WOW (World of Wrestling), Fangoria, Buffy, X-files, Comic Relief, Star Wars Insider, Xena, plus more. Japanese anime is limited but special orders are taken. Sports collectibles are available and constantly change (autographed balls, plates, photos, tickets, figurines. We are an authorized dealer of Highland Mint Coins and carry a good stock- coins are easily orderable but stock does change and some coins become discontinued while others are offered. We are also an authorized dealer of Vanmark figurine collectibles carrying American Heroes figurines and can order clowns, timeless treasures, sweet cakes, and fairway replicas.

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